Rising Roots Community Farm

We aim to empower our community with the knowledge and resources to have access to wholesome quality produce and plant medicine. The farm is a place of unity for community to grow together through the beautiful practices of cultivation and stewardship of the land.

Rural Farming Education

Rising Roots Farm is a community centric farm that thrives off of regenerative farming practices and the love for the opportunity to grow through agriculture experiences. Our partnerships in the community with veteran farmers across the state allow us to focus on a dynamic range of development projects that concentrate on training opportunities and experiences on the farm.

Cannabis Veteran Partners:
Our partnerships in the community with veteran farmers has allowed us to develop the infrastructure of our cannabis cultivation site with a high focus on regenerative farming methods. The knowledge base of the veteran team and our farm family at Lava Leaf Organics has given us the ability to create operating procedures that uphold the highest level of attention to compliance and safe cultivation practices.

Working in an industry that is changing so quickly means it’s important to be able to adapt consistently, innovation is key. Our partnership with Roadrunner Manufacturing has provided Rising Roots with the ability to produce new innovative products that give our partners and their customers high quality cannabis for a reasonable cost.

Little Roots Farm Stand

Little Roots was founded by the McCoy boys in 2021. The farm stand is a free community farm stand for children and families to collaborate on selling low cost, high quality produce. The goal of the initiative was to provide some relief to our small local community from the overpriced low quality food available at the grocery stores. The collaborative quickly grew into a network of kids sharing video tutorials on sustainable organic farming methods. Their motivation is to guide the next generation to have the knowledge, connection and love for growing food and caring for the land.

Farm Experiences

Come experience the farm!

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