Committed To The Craft

Dedicated To Community

All plants have a purpose and provide special elements to the never ending cycle of life.

Plants have the ability to heal and provide energy and sustenance to our bodies.

It is our great gift to be in servitude and to grow our knowledge of the endless ways we can support a healthy and abundant ecosystem on the farm. 

Carefully Crafted Cannabis

We are committed to delivering premium flower products, promoting environmental stewardship and strengthening the bond between people and the land.

Rising Roots Community Farm

Cultivation is a contribution to all of the life and abundance this world has to offer. Cultivating can be a meditative practice, it sets the intention of growing a stronger body, mind and soul by working and connecting with the soil, plants and the land. It can help us re-connect to our own body and remind us of all of the life surrounding us. 

With messages of food shortages surfacing more around the world and high inflated prices on low quality high processed foods, now is the time for local communities to come together to support a beautiful space for small community farming.

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