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Rising Roots is committed to collaborating with small family owned, local businesses in New Mexico.
Here’s Why!

Local Economy: Small local businesses contribute to the local economy by generating employment opportunities and keeping money circulating within the community.

Unique Offerings: Small local businesses provide personalized attentive customer service and can offer unique, locally made products that may not be available in larger corporate stores.

Personal Investment: Family owned businesses are labors of love, built from the ground up with personal investment and hard work. Supporting them is a way to appreciate and acknowledge their dedication to the community and consumer.

Community Development: Supporting local businesses helps foster a sense of community and identity, as they often sponsor local community events and contribute to community development initiatives.

Environmental Impact: Smaller businesses usually have a smaller carbon footprint compared to large corporations, as they often source materials locally and have less logistical impact.

Preservation of Culture: Many small family owned businesses have deep rooted cultural ties and traditions that contribute to the cultural identity of a region.

Economic Balance: Supporting small businesses helps to balance the economic power and prevents monopolies, ensuring a healthier distribution of wealth.

LOVE New Mexico is a campaign with the directive to connect consumers to local farms, retailers, and manufacturers across the state of New Mexico.

We take pride in our customers enjoying their experience with us; they are our guest and we want them to feel welcome and want to come back.

The Bad Company is an immersive cannabis dispensary, serving recreational and medical customers alike. 
Our retail area is styled like a Victorian apothecary, and our friendly budtenders are here to help find the products that fit your needs. We want you to feel welcome, safe, and educated while you shop with us. 

We believe you should know where your weed comes from and how it was grown.
Bighorn Weed Co. is a cannabis farm shop & dispensary in historic Taos, New Mexico. We source directly from family farms that grow consciously in living soil and under New Mexican sun.

Albuquerque’s most beautiful cannabis dispensary, located steps from Historic Old Town.
Voted one of ‘best dispensaries in Albuquerque
F&H Markets is a craft boutique featuring an in-house florist, sustainably grown cannabis, and a variety of gifts to inspire joy, pleasure, and wellness.

The #LavaLeafCollective is actively engaged in growing better people in addition to better plants and nugs. Our business partners that make up the #FarmFamily help us to be better individuals and vice versa. We believe that if we work together, do our best, and keep our word then our success is assured. 

Mountaintop Extracts was founded with one promise: safe and accessible medicine.
Our humble journey began in 2012 as caregivers growing medical cannabis for our mother here in the Land of Enchantment.  We understood first-hand the importance of clean, quality cannabis medicine.
Mountaintop Extracts was born with that commitment – from our family to you.
Experience the Mountaintop.

We are the maestras chingonas of LTDM (La Tiendita de Motita). Our squad of 5 educators live and taught in the South Valley.
We are excited to be in our community serving the 505 and working in “higher education” to eliminate stigma around cannabis.
We believe in the healing benefits of cannabis and each one of us has a story and connection to this magical plant! Come down and hit us up!

“At Verve we believe that education and advocacy is the key to understanding the powers of this amazing plant.  We offer a wide range of vitamins and supplements as well as high quality local CBD products.”

At Zenleaf Cannabis we’re more than a dispensary; we are family.
Knowledge, compassion, and top-tier quality care from our Cannaseurs will leave you with a warm heart and green smile.

Buying local is a powerful way to make a positive impact. It benefits the local economy, promotes sustainability and nurtures vibrant communities.

By consciously supporting local businesses, YOU can become an agent of change, contributing to the wellbeing of your community and beyond!

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