Our mission is to cultivate a thriving and sustainable community farm that fosters unity and collaboration among individuals, families, and local businesses.

Through shared farming practices and educational programs, we aim to empower our community with the knowledge and resources to grow carefully crafted cannabis, medicinal herbs and wholesome produce, promote environmental stewardship, and strengthen the bond between people and the land.

Rising Roots LLC is a woman owned and operated cannabis micro-producer in Sandia Park, New Mexico.

The “Rising” of small community regenerative farming is the forefront of our mission and values.

The “Roots” of our business is sharing success with the people, communities and land that supports and sustains the cannabis industry and regenerative farming practices in New Mexico.

Rising Roots Farm has the vision of seeing our community farm become a vibrant hub of connection and growth, where people from diverse backgrounds come together, cultivating not only nourishing crops but also lasting friendships and a sense of belonging.

We envision a future where our farm serves as a model for sustainable agriculture, inspiring neighbouring communities to adopt similar practices and forge stronger bonds with nature and each other. Through our collective efforts, we aspire to create a resilient and inclusive community that thrives on the shared values of sustainable living, community engagement and a love for the land.

Rising Roots Farm Regenerative Farming Methods

The farming methods used on Rising Roots Farm aims to create resilient and self-sufficient agriculture systems that mimic natural ecosystems. These methods prioritize environmental conservation, biodiversity and long term productivity. Here’s how we do it!

Companion Farming (Polyculture): Rising Roots Farm has a thriving companion garden that supports the natural allies and ecological balance of the farm. Growing companion plants helps to reduce the risk of pests and disease, not only on our cannabis plants but for everything we grow on the farm. Eliminating the use of any kind of synthetic pesticides or weed killers allows for life to thrive in balance. Pests are not to be eliminated but controlled in a way that allows our allies (lady bugs, praying mantis, hummingbirds, bees) to thrive. Our allies feed on these pests so an important part of keeping them around to protect our plants is to support the balance instead of control the balance of an ever changing eco-system.

Perennial and Native Plants: Utilizing perennial and native plants that have a longer life span reduces the need for constant replanting and soil disturbance. Native plants are much more able to withstand the local climate and drought periods, conserving water usage on the farm.

No-Till Farming and Living Soil: Reducing or eliminating tilling helps preserve the soil structure, prevents erosion and enhances soil health. Rising Roots uses organic living soil that is rich in beneficial microorganisms and organic matter, which helps break down organic materials, releasing essential nutrients for plant growth. The presence of soil organisms like earthworms helps improve soil structure. This means better aeration and water retention, reducing erosion and making the soil more resilient to extreme weather conditions.

Composting: Recycling organic matter into nutrient-rich compost enriches the soil and reduces the need for fertilizers. Fertilizers and soil amendments are made from all organic material, many times found in farm waste.

Agroforestry: Intercropping trees with crops creates a symbiotic relationship and enhances ecosystem services such as shade and wind protection. Rising Roots Farm has development projects that continue to support this relationship between trees and plants for a thriving and diverse eco system.

Water Conservation: The owners of Rising Roots Farm are born and raised New Mexico residents. Our love for the land makes it our top priority to continue development projects for harvesting rain water and contouring to conserve water usage. The irrigation system used for our cannabis plants has helped our farm to decrease our water usage by about 60% over hand watering methods.

Biological Pest Control: Encouraging natural predators and beneficial organisms to control pests allows us to stay away from the use of any synthetic chemicals on the farm.

Energy Efficiency: New Mexico sun-kissed cannabis is the forefront of our farms operations. The sun provides the best clean quality energy over any of the best grow lights on the market. Our small indoor grow is used for research and development to help us determine our best genetic pathways and support our ability to provide consumers with a diverse product list contributing to an array of health benefits and symptomatic relief. Solar is used for our smaller operations on the farm and our development team works hard on achieving one upgrade per season to support optimal energy efficiency on the farm.

Closed Loop Systems: Our farmers are always looking at how we can use the waste from one element to become a resource for another element on the farm. This reduces the overall waste on the farm and maximizes our efficiency in operations.

We are stewards and keepers of this land. The land give us so much, we are grateful to reciprocate by bringing attention to each one of these elements as the forefront of our farming practices.

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